Hot Rod Lifestyle

What is the Hot Rod Lifestyle?

Basically we eat, breath, live, and die for Hot Rods. If any of these describe you, then you probably know what we are talking about.

  • You would rather go to the parts store 10 times than pay someone for labor
  • You can't remember what a driveway looks like without oil stains
  • You have ever used the term "Weld/Grind it till it fits"
  • Your idea of a good paycheck is having money for food left over after going to the swap meet
  • Your pedal has ever been to the metal
  • Your blood type is 10w-40
  • Rain or shine doesn't need to be said, it is just understood
  • The term "daily driver" is interchangeable with "my classic car"
  • Your idea of air conditioning means the windows are down, the top is off, or you're one of the lucky bastards with a cool ass swamp cooler hanging from your window
  • Your garage is the same size or larger than your house.
  • Your trunk has more tools than a downtown dance club on any given Saturday night.