Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where is the Show?

The show is at the Shilo Inn Portland Airport (11707 NE Airport Way) in Portland, OR. The show always takes place the 3rd weekend of June every year.

Where Should I stay?

Stay at the venue! The Shilo Inn Portland Airport has 200 suites - not rooms, suites! To get the discounted show rate, you need to call the Shilo Inn to make your reservation (503-252-7500) - you can't get our discounted rate through hotels.com or any other website, including theirs. Just mention the Rose City Round-Up when you call and make your reservation!

What Will the Show Cost Me?

There is no charge for the public to view the car show, however since proceeds go to charity we are always open to donations. Bands will be playing all day outdoors for FREE. Keep in mind that this is a hotel and public parking is EXTREMELY limited!

What About the Cars?

Admission for show participants are as follows: $20 per show car, $15 per motorcycle and $5 per bicycle.

What is a "traditional rod"?

If you don't know what a 50's and 60's styled hot rod or custom is, look through pictures of past shows on this website to get a taste of the style. You can also refer to hot rodding magazines from the 50's and 60's. They are full of 50's and 60's styled hot rods and customs.

Doesn't That Just Mean Rat Rod?


I have Aluminum parts on my car, can still come to the show?

Yes. Cast Aluminum parts are fine. Obvious machined billet Aluminum parts are not.

My car is on the high end of restored, can I bring it to the show?

Yes. As long as it meets the criteria for being traditional and you DRIVE IT IN!

I have a fiberglass body car, can I bring it to the show?


I have a post 1964 car/truck that has the same body style as the 1964 and prior model, can I bring it to the show?

Yes, as long as the body didn't change and it meets the criteria of traditional.

What is wrong with Billet parts?

Nothing if it's your bag, its just not ours. There are plenty of shows that you can display your ride... this just isn't one of them.

What happens if I try to sneak my car into the show that doesn't fir the criteria?

You will be turned away at the gate. This just isn't the show for it. You wouldn't take your cat to a dog show, or your jacked up 4x4 to a low-rider show... so don't bring your high tech billet clad hot rod or custom to RCRU. We encourage you to enjoy the show as a spectator, have fun and see what traditional rodding is all about.

I saw a car there last year that didn't fit your rules... do you bend them for certain people?

Relax. Its just a car show. Occasionally one or two cars that don't belong in the show get past the Gate. It does not mean that you can also bring in your off-topic car. Nor should you be upset that "they" got in and your off-topic car got turned away. There are always openings to work the gates at each show. You are welcome to volunteer your time to make sure this tragedy doesn't happen again.

I went to RCRU and thought my car should have won a trophy, what do I have to do to win?

Boo-hoo. The trophies are made and given out by car clubs. They are nothing more than the expression of what those clubs liked best. If you would like to make a trophy and present it at the next RCRU, contact us!

If you have other questions that aren't listed, contact us here!

*Thanks billetproof for creating a FAQ.